I love books. I buy, collect, sort, review and, of course, read them. Bookshops are always on my list of things to see in a new place. So no wonder I wandered through Berlin and checked most of the bookshops out. The German capital is a great place for readers. There are bookshops for all your needs. Do you need art books? Go to Bücherbogen am Savignyplatz. Do you need a nordic book? Go to Pankebuch. Do you want coffee table books? Go to Do You Read Me?!. The possibilities are endless.
The shops I like the most are the cosy ones. The ones with nooks and corners; bookshelves high and higher. The ones with stacks of books I want to devour.
I found ten cosy and book lover friendly shops with a wide range of English books. So do not worry if you’re not able to speak German (even though it’s a great language for literature).

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin1. St. George’s

Wörther Str. 27, Prenzlauer Berg
used and new books, English only

It’s just one of those shops you enter and immediately fall in love. There are so many shelves, so many books to discover. There’s, obligatory, the ladder to give you a real bookish experience. They have a great assortment of critical books and a nice nook for children’s classic.


 10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 2. Berliner Büchertisch

Gneisenaustraße 7a, Kreuzberg
used books, English and German

The shop does a lot of charity and supports children, schools and kindergartens with their sold books. So shopping for a good cause!
It’s like entering a flat full of books. There’s even a children’s room. You can find some good niche books. I cannot count how many books I hauled…

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 3. Pequod Books

Selchower Str. 33, Neukölln
used books in over 15 languages

Are you looking for a book in Turkish, Danish, Spanish or Dutch? You’ll find a good selection at Pequod Books in Neukölln. The two rooms are well organised and you’ll find some real treasures. It’s also a great shop if you’re picking up a new language and want to save some money.

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 4. Curious Fox

Flughafenstraße 22, Neukölln
used and new books, English only

Curious Fox is for everyone who loves books. The rooms are full of books, there are a few very comfy seats to dive into the stories. Get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy all the bookish things.
I especially recommend the non-fiction section.

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 5. Dussmann

Friedrichstraße 90, Mitte
new books, English only

Another English bookshop, Dussmann has a wonderful ambience with a lot of beautiful books. They sell classics in the most outrageous editions, it’s so much fun to browse and re-discover long forgotten treasures.
Don’t ask my friends how often I dragged them into the shop and showed them books over books.

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 6. Café Tasso

Frankfurter Allee 11, Friedrichshain
used books, English, German and other

Café Tasso is located at Frankfurter Allee, a street with impressive architecture. The café itself is less impressive, but very cosy, inviting and the staff is beyond friendly. Grab a coffee, one of the vegan treats and start reading.

Every book costs 1,50 Euro. 1,50 Euro!

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 7. Dante Connection

Oranienstr. 165 a, Kreuzberg
new books, Italian and German

Dante Connection is a nice place for everyone who has a soft spot for Italy and the Italian language. They sell audiobooks, cookbooks, novels and more. The small shop is lovely and you feel how thoroughly selected the books are.

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin  8. Marga Schoeller Bookshop

Knesebeckstraße 33, Wilmersdorf
new books, English and German

Marga Schoeller is a big shop with lots of different sections and each one has its own charm. It’s very inviting and you will need quite some time to see everything. The first time I’ve been there they displayed one of my favourite new-release, Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, of 2016, so I might be a bit biased, but the shop is amazing. They even have a little dog who lays on a pillow between the cook books, too cute!

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin 9. Miss Marple

Weimarer Str. 17, Wilmersdorf
new books, English and German

Miss Marple specialises in crime books. The books are sorted in places the stories take place in. So are you looking for a classic crime, located in Austria? No problem.

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin  10. Ocelot Bookstore

Brunnenstraße 181, Mitte
new books, English and German

Ocelot offers inspiring and thought-provoking books. The café-shop is rather chic, but yet homely. The staff is not importunate what I always like.




This list is in no particular order.

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin

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Where do you like to shop books? Do you have a favourite shop, worldwide?

10 Cosy Bookshops - Your Bookshop Guide To Berlin

  • AlicevstheWorld

    These all look so cosy, especially the last one!

  • I don’t know why but I absolutely love bookshops! I am surprised how many bookshops in Berlin offer English language books, that’s great. Because that is also often my problem when traveling: no bookshops with books in a language I can actually read…

    • Oh there are tons more who offer English books, those are only my favourites.
      And I know the feeling, had the worst experience in Croatia and I was in desperate need for a new book 😀

  • kcalpesh

    Wow these places look like heaven for book lovers. A treasure of literature I must say. I’m guessing I’ll be recommending this page to one of my friends who is an avid reader and has one of the largest collection of books that I’ve ever known.

  • Matt Hulland

    Love this. There is something about old bookshops that conjure up magic, I bet you had a lot of fun visiting these places. Thanks for sharing and I’m sure I’ll visit a couple next time I’m in Berlin. Happy Travels

  • Lydia@Lifeuntraveled.com

    I haven’t been to Berlin but I’ve heard so much good about it and now with these bookshops (which I love to just browse in!) I feel like I need to go!

  • I love books too! I’d like any of those shops with a cozy chair to nestle into while I read at least a few pages of a book to get a feel for it before a purchase. What a great way to travel a city too… book shop hopping. ^^

  • Katie Featherstone

    Ooooh I love this idea or exploring the city 😀

  • Hannah Logan

    I love popping into bookshops while travelling! My favourites so far have been in Galway, Ireland and Bucharest, Romania. If I go back to Berlin I will have to keep this list in mind!

  • Carol

    Haven’t been to Berlin but will probably make the trek in 2018. Thanks for introducing me to your blog!

  • The bookshops looks beautiful.I too love reading books and a book and a coffee for me sounds like a perfect day.

    Nice to know some bookstore are into charity and all. Thanks for sharing some coolest bookstore of Berlin

    • Café Tasso is into charity as well, but I couldn´t find any ressource online to check the facts. But they´ll inform you about their projects in the shop.

  • I love bookstores too! I wish I had known about Miss Marple when I was there recently. I love me a good mystery book!

    • Yes, the shop is too cute. Alone the lady who´s selling the books 🙂

  • This is a great list. Have you ever tried Powell’s Bookstore in Portland or The Last Bookstore in LA? Those are some great ones you could check out. 🙂

    • Oh no, I have never been to the US. But Portland is high on my list 🙂

  • Wow! So many amazing bookshops to check out in Berlin. I really love them like I do coffee shops!

    Abigail of GlobalGirlTravels.com

  • Kenny T.K. Chow

    Thanks for the introduction and I hope they have English books @ Café Tasso because I love the Cafe + reading experience. Maybe during spring time in Berlin! 🙂 @ knycxjourneying.com

    • Yes all of them, except for Dante Connection, sell English books 🙂

  • That is quite a list and I am glad you have indicated which language books you are likely to find in each of these. Well compiled.

  • Bistra Yakimova

    Thank you for this list of bookshops in Berlin! I definitely like those who have this homey atmosphere where you can dive into stories for ages…

  • Cyril Deeming

    Interesting list, never really thought about book shops in cities. Something to look at on my next visit to a city.