I literally got lost in Bucharest, but it was the best way to explore the city. I didn’t have a tight schedule or a long list of things to see. Seeing, exploring, discovering, my motto for the Romanian capital.

Get Lost in Bucharest

Okay and I had to go to Carturesti Carusel, the most beautiful bookshop there is. I stumbled upon it on Urban Travel Blog and I had to see it; I fell in love. I have a soft spot for book shopping as you may have seen in my Bookshop Guide to Berlin.

But I also walked through the city until my feet got sore, mainly because I lost track of where I am and because I had to see what’s behind this corner or that other corner and then I found a flea market and had to explore this as well.
I found abandoned areas, living spaces I wish I’d never seen and splendid buildings in French style. Bucharest is, when it comes to architecture, a rollercoaster ride. You get the French influences, creative backyards, eclectic structures and socialistic, pragmatic concrete flats.

People, seemingly, like their culture and cultivate it. So, even though I think this is the minority, they start dancing on the market place, sing Romanian chansons and motivate everyone to join. They go in restaurants where you mostly get national dishes, accompanied by live music and overly-motivated singers.

Travelling to Bucharest woke me up. It’s the first time in a long time, that I saw something completely different, something unretouched, something more honest and less touristy. Even if this means not getting the comfortable holiday or city-trip.

Dancing in Bucharest

Get Lost in Bucharest

Get Lost in Bucharest Get Lost in Bucharest

Get Lost in BucharestGet Lost in Bucharest

Get Lost in Bucharest Get Lost in BucharestGet Lost in Bucharest

Get Lost in Bucharest Get Lost in Bucharest Get Lost in Bucharest

Let me know, where did you get lost the last time?

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Get Lost in Bucharest


  • Samuel James Crawford

    Is their public transportation easy to use?

    • I only used Uber and the bus from the Airport. I walked the rest, but there is. A friend of mine, who’s from Romania, said I should rather use Uber.

  • CareersAdvisor

    Looks like an amazing place. I love bookshops too. Must put it on my list of places to visit.

  • My Style 5

    You got such a great overview of Bucharest! And you made me terribly homesick, even though I’m not from Bucharest, but from a different Romanian city. Love the article <3

    • Thank you! From which part of Romania are you from?

      • My Style 5

        I’m originally from Piatra Neamt, it’s a smaller city in the North-Eastern part of Romania. Absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by mountains. Definitely recommend a visit next time you’re in Romania 🙂

  • Dave Tovey

    It sounds like you had a great time. When we arrive in a new city or town we love just going for a stroll to see what’s around too – it’s definitely th best way. Your photos looks beautiful and I can really see what you mean about the different types of architecture. I would love to visit Romania one day. Thanks for sharing. Love C and D x

  • Bucharest looks like such a fun city to explore! These are great photos!

  • Brown Sugar

    What amazing photos!

  • Beautiful narration and photos, Neni. Getting lost turned out to be such a blessing in disguise for you. Hope I get to explore this beautiful city sometime soon.

  • I love this! Bucharest is on my list to visit soon, I definitely want to visit that book shop and the shot place… Those photos are great 🙂

  • Bucharest came across some time back when I sent in my application for the Experience Bucharest initiative. Though i didn’t get a chance to visit this time, but your pictures literally took me on a photo tour. I would love to get lost when the city is so beautiful.

  • Shay Jenkinson

    This looks like a fun place to visit. My great-grandparents came from Romania and I have always wanted to visit. I can’t wait.

  • Brianna

    I got lost in Kathmandu, Nepal and found it so exhilarating to find my way back. I would love to visit Bucharest. I was in a small town in Romania a few months ago, and it made me wish I could see more of Romania!

  • Getting lost while travelling is truly the best way to travel and experience a new city. Carturesti Carusel in Bucharest looks amazing from your photo. I am one who loves to spend hours in bookstores as well especially ones as beautiful as this. I love that you discovered some of Bucharest’s hidden gems. Not a bad way to get lost in a beautiful city like this.