Madrid is an open-minded metropolis. The city is full of art and creatives, me and my friends wanted to experience the Spanish capital beyond a typical two-day city trip.

Two of my best girlfriends and me flew to Madrid to have a good time, to take a break from life and catch up on each other.

Madrid is a good place for a trip with your friends, the city offers every comfort there is: working public transportation, so no one has to drive. A versatile cuisine, places to relax or the total opposite, places to party, learn, get creative or to work yourself out.
Those were the reasons we decided to go to the Spanish capital.

While exploring we took notes and rated sights and places.
Here are our friends-approved favourites.

Girls Trip to Madrid

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Rent a Flat

One of the easiest and most affordable solutions to travel with your best friends is to rent a flat. Agree on how many rooms you need or if you want to share a room to save money. Not everyone is keen on that, avoid displeasure and take your time while planning.

Madrid Airbnb Inspirations
Girls Trip Madrid

Click on the picture to find some Airbnb Madrid inspirations.

Eat and Drink in Madrid

Madrid is full of cafés, restaurants, places to sit and snack. Our mission was to find the best coffee (Cafelito) or hot chocolate.
As said, there’re tons of options. Sharing food, plates and tapas works for me and my friends the best. Small portions to try everything the Spanish cuisine and chefs have to offer.

Calle Don Pedro – Cosy Mexican restaurant with smaller plates to share with your friends
Mercado San Miguel – Huge market hall with all kinds of food, snacks and drinks. Best way is to try as much as possible. Our favourite is the Crema Catalana.
Topolino – Delicious lunch and friendly staff at Plaza Santo Domingo.

Girls Trip Madrid

Sights and Culture in Madrid

As the capital of Spain, Madrid inhabits many creative heads. Culture and happenings are vast and, most likely, you and your friends will find something for everyone.
With the help of our Airbnb host, I prepared a long list of activities. Our group favourites were:

Jardines del Campo del Moro – Right behind the palace is the jardines, a quiet place with lots of plants and trees to sit under. Perfect if you want to escape the bustling streets. Also, it offers lots of photo opportunities.
Palacio Real – The city palace is still in use. You can visit it and learn more about Spanish history, army and lifestyle. Particularly interesting if you’re into history and art.
Terasse Belles Artes – Easily one of the best views in town. You get to see all the beautiful white buildings. The viewing platform is also a bar.
Teleferico – A cable car that starts at Argüelles Metro station and shows you many of Madrid’s sights while riding about 2.5 km to the other side at Casa de Campo Park. Ticket, back and forth, is 5,90 Euro.
El Retiro – The park offers quite a lot of (relaxing) activities sunbathing, boating, eating, listening to music or sitting there relax and say nothing.

Girls Trip MadridGirls Trip Madrid

Shopping in Madrid

One of my friend is a jewellery designer and the other loves fashion and everything vintage. So whenever we’re on tour, we hit shops and markets to discover local designs and trends.

Typographia – The shop sells printed shirts and supports young designers.
Custo – The Spanish company sells bright and colourful items.
Dandara – Sophisticated design with everyday elements.
Sfera – Simple design and affordable pieces with a southern European touch, perfect for your summer wardrobe.
El Rastro – A weekly flea market, which is just what we wanted. Almost no uncomfortable haggling, no trash, local design, colourful dresses, street food and music. It’s almost like a happening.
Cuesta de Moyano – New and used books in front of El Retiro. They sell mostly Spanish books, but some are in English. Books range from culture, art, history to literary fiction.

What is a place where you and you’re friends travelled to?

Girls Trip Madrid

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Girls Trip Madrid

  • Fiona Mai

    I’ve been to many cities in Europe but not Madrid, and your blog post makes me really want to book my flight ticket there now! 🙂 I like it that there seems to be so many things to do there. I guess the city is a great destination not only for girlfriends but also for couples and a bit older people as well 🙂

  • Danik Bates

    Madrid is ok, but I did get bored very quickly. Much prefer the cities in the south of Spain where they have much more culture. Still worth a visit but wouldn’t spend too long there 😀

    • I wasn’t bored at all. We went to so many galleries and museums and food places. I loved it. But we also took two day trips out of the city to explore the castle and convent nearby.

  • Glimpses of The World

    Nice idea to rent a flat, thanks for the tip. And it’s always interesting to hit the local market, that El Rastro sound like the one I would like. 😉

  • Fábio Inácio

    Really good tips about Madrid, I have never been there but I plan to… do you think the city is vegetarian friendly?

    • I’m a vegetarian myself and I managed to get food, but Madrid is not the best place for vegetarians.

  • Lois Alter Mark

    It looks like there are some great Air BnB’s there. We love Spain but haven’t visited Madrid yet. It seems to be a great foodie city.

  • I’ve never heard of Madrid before and your post has enlightened me. I always wants to travel to Spain. I think you just convince me to do so quickly!

  • Wanderers Hub

    I so wanna book a flight to Madrid with my boyfriends right now and rent a flat. Could you tell us how much would be the rental for a flat with 2 rooms? Any rough idea would be of great help!

  • Mags

    You read my mind! I was actually just talking to a friend of mine about a trip to Madrid and Barcelona this morning. I’ve passed this article along!

  • What a fun girls trip, we have been to Barcelona and Andalusia but never made it to Madrid. You convinced us to make the trip soon.