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On Travelandlipsticks you can join the adventure, get tips, insider knowledge and videos from around the world. It is a love letter to your home, to Europe, to the world.


About Travelandlipsticks

Hi, I’m Neni and I write about travelling, culinary adventures and my lovely home, Berlin.
I want to inspire to travel and to point out details. I want to share the little something, small adventures, food from all over the world and encounters with interesting people and share their history.
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Where do you want to go?

Europe is diverse and colourful. A lot of countries bring a lot of culture and that means a lot of travel fun.
I traveled a few times to Asia and my favourite adventure is still the day at Pink Beach on Lombok, Indonesia. Read what else is worth a visit.
Australia has fascinating landscapes and I took a closer look on my trip through Western Australia.

Where do you want to eat?

I ate so many mouth-watering dishes while I was on tour, which I had to try at home. If you like to try tasty food from Brazil, Finland or Lithuania feel free to check out my recreations and recipes.

What do you want to see in Berlin?

Explore Berlin through the eyes of a local. Get insider tips, restaurant recommandations, news and learn more about the best sights.

What do you want to know?

Find useful posts about travelling. I share my tips from packing, to shopping, to organising.

Travel Tips

Where do you want to spend your weekend?

Read our series A Weekend in…

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