Rhodes Town is the capital of the Greek island Rhodes. The town is rather small and it doesn’t swamp you.
Take one day to explore the town’s highlights and stroll through the streets, cool off in the sea, learn more about Greek history and relax under palm trees.

My tips for a nice day in Rhodes Town

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Go and See the Acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis is on Ayios Stefanos. Originally, it consisted of several Hellenistic buildings, temples and sanctuaries. Unfortunately some parts, which date back to 200 BC, were destroyed during World War II. But you can still see the relicts.

People like to run around the stadium and climb the steps of the theatre to see the area from atop.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Get the Best View at Roloi Clock Tower

If you want to see the town from above, go to Roloi Clock Tower.
The Byzantine tower offers, in my opinion, a great view, plus it’s not really crowded and you can take your time to takes pictures and enjoy the view.

The admission also serves as a coupon for a free beverage at the bar in the backyard.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Learn more at Knight’s Quarter

The historic old town was build during the Medieval Times. The then knights took a part of the town and transformed it to their liking, hence the name. They wanted to be safe and achieved this through fortified houses and buildings.
Today you can walk through pebbled streets, visit quite a few monuments, sights, the famous moat and take a casual history lesson on holiday.

The quarter is night and day accessible.

Read more about Old Town.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos

The lighthouse is near the “remains” of the Colossus of Rhodes. It was constructed in the 1860th at the entrance of Mandraki Harbour.
Agios Nikolaos is one of the landmarks of Rhodes Town and for sure worth a closer look especially in the evening.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

An Evening Walk

Harbour and walls offer a nice scenery for an evening walk.
The hustle and bustle of the day is past, locals are sitting in front of the cafés, chatting and drinking a beer. The hotness of the day is gone and it’s refreshing to walk in the night while getting another view on the now illuminated sights. In a way, it’s romantic.

Visit the Palm Tree Street

A street full of palm trees, a few benches to relax. Personally, I just thought it’s beautiful and a nice spot to take pictures. Loving palm trees, I never get tired of the special summer flair. Am I imagining this, am I overrating those plants?

The palm street is near the beach, framing restaurants and cafés, an art museum is nearby.

Where to Find: Plateia G. Xaritou

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Go on a Boat Tour

There’re several tours from different length. Harbour tours, one day trips, trips to Lindos, submarine tours and so on.

I decided to take part in a harbour tour. The price is negotiable and it takes about an hour.
The captain explains major sights and historic monuments. It’s nice to see buildings in their entirety.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes TownHow to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Find Different Religious Influences

Over the course of the years, Rhodes Town and the island as well, had different religious influences. Jews, Christians and Muslims came, spread believes, built prayer houses and broadened the horizon of the locals.
Today you can still see the houses and visit them. The Jewish synagogue is partly a museum. From the Roloi Clock Tower you see all the architectural styles from above.

While exploring and visiting the relicts, grab yourself an ice-cream cone or take a break in one of the small alleys to refuel.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Take a Dip

When on a Greek island, jump into the sea, as often as possible. There are several spots in Rhodes Town. You can also leave the city and rent a car, a bike or take the bus to find nearby bays. Either way, it’s affordable and easy to navigate through the island. And if you’re out of town how about visiting Koskinoú or Kalithea Thermi …

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Leave the City

Visit a Greek Village: Koskinoú

If you’re on the go, you should try to visit Koskinoú, a lovely village with friendly locals, small cafés and authentic lifestyle. It’s a colourful place with lots of photo opportunities and chatty Greeks who are happy to talk about their day.

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town

Take a Bath in an Old Spa: Kalithea Thermi

In the south of Rhodes Town is the Italian Kalithea Thermi.
A beautiful bay with crystal clear water and rocks for a mermaid feeling. The complex itself is decorated with mosaics, lots of natural elements and an alley. In the centre is an old-fashioned bath house and on the right side is a museum with a view on the rough side of the sea.

For centuries people came to use the thermae to recover and gain strength. After much needed restoration, it re-opened a few years ago.

Admission: 2 Euros

How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town


Currency: Euro
Time Zone: Eastern European Summer Time
Language: Greek (in touristy areas they also speak English and other European languages)
Get Around: by rental car, bike or bus
Tip: stay hydrated, use sun protection and cover yourself, don’t get ripped-off on cheap souvenirs

Did you visit Rhodes Town, what was your highlight?

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How to Spend one Day in Rhodes Town